AVI is a multilingual production firm specializing in the production of quality digital, educational and training products that facilitate and empower our multicultural communities. We assists local, state and fededral agencies, corporations, and community-based organizations in meeting their needs to communicate and interact with ethnic audiences.

 Latino Medical Student Association conference

Latino Medical Student Association conference


AVI's workflow includes five production elements that facilitate careful incorporation of our clients' needs through the entire process.

1 Pre-Production Planning
2  Field Production
3  Post Production
4  Mastering, Encoding and Distribution
5  Marketing and Social Media

Pre-Production.  AVI conducts extensive research so that we can create a production concept with an accompanying video script that best meets the client’s and audience’s needs. In this phase, AVI will present a graphical lay-out of all the production activities and possible scheduling adjustments to complete the project. Next, the narrative will outline the voice-over elements and the scene description outlines the images to be used in the video. Lastly, the determination of appropriate language, talent, photos, video, music, voice-over, animated backgrounds, text graphics, file encoding and web delivery options is finalized.

Field Production. Once the script is approved, AVI will work with the client to finalize a schedule when our production crew can videotape on location. We’ll coordinate talent, crew, location permits and technical requirements to shoot the scenes as pre-determined in the script.

Post Production. Once field production is complete, our professional team of editors, multimedia experts, animators, and voice-over talent will work together to create your program to the specifications outlined in your script. AVI will  meet with you and present a first-cut screening opportunity to view and approve your production.  After your final comments, AVI will make two revisions and finalize the project.

Mastering, Encoding and Distribution. At this stage, we will master your program for delivery.  AVI has extensive experience working with all the major platforms for online delivery, streaming and social sharing.