Multilingual Training

AVI is a multilingual production firm specializing in the production of quality digital, educational and training products that facilitate and empower our US multicultural communities. AVI assists local, state and national agencies, corporations, and community-based organizations in meeting their communicative needs with ethnic audiences.

AVI facilitates assistance by using quality assessment tools in defining clients’ needs in: Internet and Mobile Interactive delivery, TV, Radio  Web-based and Video Streaming.

AVI has been producing multilingual training solutions for the past 20 years. During the last four years, AVI has been working with the CA Institute of Mental Health in addressing the needs of multicultural audiences who need a better understanding about the complex mental health issues affecting local and regional communities. As a result, AVI has produced several videos and interactive CDs dealing with Cultural Competence. 

In response to The President’s New Freedom Commission “ Transforming Mental Health Care in America” AVI has also produced for CiMH a series of 84 multilingual brochures and corresponding interactive educational CD’s on 12 important mental health topics affecting adults and children in the US. This series of educational multimedia tools were produced in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Cambodian and are now being used by many Mental Health Services. Our latest interactive CD, just released last month is informing California communities about the Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 63) passed last November.

Additionally, AVI is working with the California Disability Community Action Network in the development of curriculum and training to promote Digital Advocacy for families who have children and loved ones with Developmental Disabilities. This formalized training will be delivered in California and other cities via web Video-streaming in multiple languages.

What languages does AVI support?

AVI Modules are not only translated but are also culturally adapted into Spanish, Russian, Chinese and other languages. Some entities require their clients to enter information into legal or medical forms in English. When a person puts non-English information into an AVI module, that segment of the form is left blank on the form to be later printed and translated by an appropriate translator.

AVI Productions our multimedia solutions

AVI multimedia solutions will provide you with comprehensive needs assessments, creative concept development and complete production services that deliver cost-effective training videos/CD, kiosk, live and on demand video streaming web-based multi-language services.

AVI products are designed to provide convenient and effective access to information and skills training in multiple languages. AVI interactive modules can be utilized not only for job and skills-training but to educate users on a wide range of subjects.

AVI modules are dynamic as they allow users to interact with data via touch screens. A video guide helps users navigate through a series of questions. Users are guided to the appropriate training subjects. Users can get instant assistance and printed forms by touching the user-friendly help menu.

Examples of programs delivered:

- Employees skills assessments
- Safety procedures
- Job skills
-Medical Interpretations
- Interviews and testimonials
- Medical assessment
- Educational tours
- Financial Planning
- Cultural competency
- Personnel management

What is the cost?

Cost varies based upon factors such as: instructional objectives to be met, length of program, languages to be utilized, locations, talent, interactive applications for clients, data forms, the cost of IT development resources, etc. If you would like more information, please complete and email the attached pre-production form and AVI will gladly provide you a quote.

Web Design

AVI provides full-service web design, hosting and management for content managed systems, such as WordPress. When integrated with a video campaign, AVI can help your organization maximize and streamline it's digital communications process and effectiveness. 

Marketing &

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